Dress Code
Whilst we are proud of our history and traditions, Stoneham is a forward looking Club. Our aim is to be a Club where members and visitors come to enjoy leisure and social activities as part of their lifestyle. We encourage a friendly, relaxed atmosphere based on friendship and respect for others.

On the Course and Practice areas

* Proper wearing of golf-specific attire (purchasable at a recognised golf shop) is requested at all times.
* Shirts must either have a collar, turtle neck or be designed for golf. It is appreciated that these are tucked into trousers, shorts, skirts or worn outside only when they are so designed.
* Shorts must be tailored (note: the definition of ‘tailored’ is fitted or having a smart or simple cut) and accompanied by predominantly white sports socks or socks in keeping with the colour of the outfit.
* Combat (Cargo) trousers/shorts are not deemed to be ‘tailored’ (note: Definition of Cargo trousers/shorts is: Loose-fitting casual cotton trousers/shorts with large patch pockets halfway down each leg).
* Golf shoes must be worn, i.e. no trainers or other non-golfing footwear. Trousers must not be tucked into socks, other than plus twos or plus fours.

#### Putting Green

As of the Course and Practice Area, but discretion will be used with clothing appropriate for the Clubhouse and patio.

#### Clubhouse

Not allowed anywhere:

* Trousers that are frayed or have holes/rips
* Football/rugby shirts (and the like) / shirts with numbers
* Hooded garments
* Tracksuits
* Combat (Cargo) trousers/shorts (description above)
* Socks only or bare feet
* Shoes that have been worn on the golf course (including dimpled shoes)
* Hats (excepting for medical reasons)
* Wet weather trousers

Discretion will be used with all the above, in relation to children.

It is commonly accepted that good taste for ladies and men is different, e.g. ladies wear sandals, sleeveless tops and tailored T-shirts, whereas it is not appropriate for men to wear sandals with long trousers, singlets or T-shirts.

Golfers and visitors who are uncooperative or abusive to staff may be asked to leave the Golf Club.